What are Wafer Head Screws?

1. What is a Wafer Head Screw?

The Wafer Head Screw is featured with a low profile dome head and extra-wide load bearing flat surface. This special structure makes it strong hold for thin materials.

As many other kinds of screws, this Wafer Head Screw can be self-drilling type or self-tapping type. In terms of its surface treatment, the most common type is with zinc coating.

2. Different types of Wafer Head Screw

As it’s mentioned before, Wafer Head Screws can be classified according to types of surface treatment, types of point or even types of head.

The most common type is what we mentioned before: a low profile dome head with wide bearing flat surface underneath.

There’s another type of head: a conical shaped head with a flat bearing surface underneath, which is an ideal choice for metal fastening that requires a snag-free head.

3. Difference between Pan Head Screw & Wafer Head Screw

Sometimes it’s easy to confuse wafer head screw with pan head screw at a glance. But under closer inspection, the head of wafer head screw has a lower profile.

4. Applications of Wafer Head Screw

Wafer screws are often used to fasten materials together to aluminum or sheet metal. They feature a larger bearing surface than that of other screws, like pan or hex drillers, with a lower profile and less head exposure.

Wafer head screw is also a type of sheet metal screw, for it’s often used to fasten sheet metal with other materials. The biggest advantage of this screw is that this provides a bigger bearing surface and can be countersink into soft materials.


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